Metals we recover

Alfametal commercialises the products that come from managing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, recycling electric motors, ELV, and WEEE.

Raw material

The raw material crisis proves, more than ever, that we must adapt a circular economy. Only the recycling industry can guarantee metal supply for the future.


Alfametal helps to reduce dependency on first-extraction metals and guarantees supply of materials necessary for activities such as construction, communication, and transport.

Stainless steel

Types of stainless steel scrap

  • Scrap Stainless Steel
  • Scrap Ferritic Steel
  • Stainless steel scrap cutout
  • Scrap stainless steel shavings


Types of aluminum scrap

  • Aluminum wire shredded with scrap copper
  • Aluminum wire with grease scrap
  • Shredded Mixed Trim Aluminum
  • Scrap Aluminum 7000 Series Cutout
  • Aluminum carter fragmented scrap
  • Aluminum foil new scrap
  • Cable/Scrap Steel
  • Scrap aluminum ingot
  • Aluminum foil new cheese scrap
  • Aluminum foil new yogurt scrap
  • Aluminum trimming 2a scrap
  • Aluminum/Copper radiator scrap
  • Aluminum slag scrap
  • Aluminum foil old scrap
  • Scrap sorted aluminum shavings
  • Scrap “Al coated” plastic cable
  • Aluminum profile lacquered 6063 Fe scrap
  • Aluminum carter scrap rims
  • 5052 Series Cutout Aluminum
  • Aluminum cans scrap
  • Aluminum carter scrap
  • Aluminum carter new scrap
  • Aluminum profile lacquered 6063 scrap
  • Cupronickel 90 10 scrap


Types of bronze scrap

  • Cupronickel 70 30 scrap
  • Bronze similar cutout scrap
  • Scrap bronze
  • Scrap aluminum bronze
  • Brass chip scrap
  • Scrap bronze ingot


Types of copper scrap

  • Fragmented electric motors
  • Copper wire 1a millberry
  • Copper wire 1a scrap rolls
  • Copper wire 1a scrap berry
  • Copper shredded wire
  • Copper wire 2a scrap
  • Copper wire shredded 2a scrap
  • Copper pipe scrap
  • Scrap copper ingot
  • Scrap tinned copper wire
  • Tinned copper scrap boiler
  • Copper wire plastic scrap
  • Copper wire shredded 2a scrap
  • Scrap electric motors
  • Copper wire and tube mixed scrap
  • Copper had new scrap


Iron and steel

Types of iron and steel scrap

  • Scrap iron first
  • Molten scrap iron
  • Scrap iron
  • Iron chip scrap
  • Structural Scrap Iron
  • Fragmented scrap iron
  • Iron scrap pack car
  • Iron cut first scrap


Types of brass scrap

  • Brass radiator cutout scrap
  • Brass radiator cutout with scrap iron
  • Brass ingot scrap
  • Chantal scrap metal shavings
  • Brass chip mola scrap
  • Monel brass scrap
  • Brass chip scrap
  • Brass radiator scrap
  • Brass propeller scrap
  • Brass scrap cutout
  • Brass scabbard scrap
  • Scrap brass
  • Brass scrap bar
  • Nickel silver scrap



Types of lead scrap

  • Scrap lead
  • Scrap lead ingot pb
  • Lead scrap battery


Types of zinc scrap

  • New scrap calamine
  • Fragmented calamine scrap
  • Scrap ship zinc
  • Scrap calamine
  • Zinc trimming scrap 1a zn
  • Old zinc scrap