Innovation and improvement

Alfametal has grown exponentially since it was created in 2014. Our growth has only been possible thanks to our ability to implement technology, improve and digitise processes, and industrial innovation.

At Alfametal we are demanding to improve recycling systems day by day through R&D. Our advanced approach allows us to fully recover the materials that come to us from our suppliers, obtaining a wide variety of metals.

Much of our efforts are focused on optimizing waste recovery and treatment processes in order to recover the greatest amount of raw material that will be sold again to be introduced into new production processes and thus minimize the environmental impact of metal production.

Own machinery

We develop our own machinery to optimise the management and recovery process for ferrous and non-ferrous waste. Specifically, at our plants for fragmentation, sorting, and refining metals, ELV, WEEE, and electric motors.

New production processes

We innovate and invest in our headquarters to develop new productive processes that are more environmentally respectful and improve the operative efficiency of recovering the metals that reach our headquarters.


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Modernización y Diversificación del Sector Industrial
Alfametal PYME 2020

Efficient technologies

At Alfametal we make use of efficient technologies that allow us to improve our productivity both by increasing the level of separation of the various materials and the rate of recovery and clean fraction of ferrous metals.