Alfametal, the only Spanish company in the ‘Waste management and recycling’ category, included in the FT ranking.

The company specialised in metal collecting, treating and recycling has been included for the first time in the ranking of 1.000 companies with the fastest growth in Europe.

With its organic growth since the moment it was founded, the company’s turnover exceeded 200 million euros in 2022.

Barcelona, 2 of March 2023 – Alfametal, an industrial group devoted to management, processing and recovery of ferric and non-ferric metal waste has been recognised at European level for its growth pace. For the first time since its creation, in 2016, the company has been included in the annual classification elaborated by British newspaper The Financial Times together with data analysis portal Statista, which identifies 1.000 companies with the fastest growth in Europe.

In this year’s classification, Alfametal is the only Spanish company included in the ‘Waste management and recycling’ category. Its fast growth is marked by work which has been done for years with a strong objective to establish a solid structure of business activity based on I + D processes.

This growth is confirmed by numbers. It must be said that regarding invoicing volume, Alfametal holds the first place in terms of turnover among companies devoted to ‘Waste management and recycling’. Following the same criteria, the company is the 4th Spanish business which counts with the largest activity volume among the companies listed, whereas it holds the place 33 at European level. These figures allow Alfametal to position itself as a company in continued growth and with the willingness to boost its productive facilities focused on the service of both recovery and distribution of ferric and non-ferric secondary materials. Permanent organic growth, productive investments and new industrial plants incorporation.

In the period studied, Alfametal growth has been marked by both very sustainable organic growth, as well as new investments and industrial plants incorporation.

As a result, just in one year Alfametal has increased its total turnover from 50 million euros in 2020 to reaching 164 million in 2021, which made it the only Spanish company to be included in FT1000 list in the ‘Waste management and recycling’ category.

For the closing of the year 2022 Alfametal has exceeded 200 million according to the plans of the company’s growth.